The Milky Way

Christmas is a solar festival, an ineffable cosmic festival with its origin in the mysterious night of the centuries. The three dimensional physical sun is only the medium through which the spiritual sun acts. The physical sun meets the mystical sun, the sun of midnight, the star of Bethlehem, the Cosmic Christ. All ancient religions paid homage to the sun.

Even the Vatican is constructed so that its doors open towards the east, towards the rising sun. The early Christians always repeated with great devotion: “Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sun.” 

It is amazing how the Solar King travels among the innumerable stars of infinite space, with a velocity of twenty kilometers per second in relation to its closest neighbors. In the center of the Milky Way, the sun travels at the astonishing speed of 270 kilometers per second. By its motion, the sun pulls the earth and the whole solar system with it. 

The earth on which we live, move, and have our being is more than just a mass of matter. It is, without doubt, a living organism, on whose epidermis we all live as simple parasites.

In infinite space, Earth travels a path both complicated and difficult. Earth, dancing around the sun to the music of the spheres, travels at a dizzying velocity as it revolves around the center of this awe-inspiring galaxy in which we live.

The Milky Way is, in fact, so gigantic that the sun, even though traveling at 270 kilometers per second, will take 220 million years to complete one revolution.

The Milky Way is a living cosmic organism, a spiral body within which our solar system exists. All nebulae, including our Milky Way, have, as a matter of fact, the same fundamental design.

There are three forces at work in all galaxies: the first is centripetal; the second is centrifugal; the third is neutral, serving as a point of support and equilibrium. The centrifugal force imparts movement in spiral form to a nebula in the same way that a whirlwind raises dust in a spiral manner. 

The Milky Way, with its eighteen million suns and innumerable planets and moons, has its center of gravity in the central sun Sirius. Ancient esoteric traditions affirm that the Transcendental Church exists in the central sun Sirius. Inside the temple of Sirius, adepts have the pleasure of meeting the disciples of the god Sirius.

When any adept tries to go beyond the Milky Way, he is always obliged to return to Sirius. Adepts of Earth are prohibited from going beyond Sirius. Astronomers know very well that, beyond the Milky Way, there are only three galaxies visible to the naked eye. Two of these, the Large and Small Magellan Clouds, named in honor of the celebrated explorer, can be seen from the southern hemisphere.

When the adepts of the Great White Lodge go beyond Sirius, they can see two world systems, which sparkle marvelously with a beautiful rose color. In those two galaxies, there exist other types of cosmic laws, unknown to the inhabitants of the Milky Way. There is a maxim in the sacred texts of occult wisdom: “Where the light shines clearest, there also the darkness is densest.” In the superior worlds, adepts can usually verify that, together with a temple of light, there is a contrasting temple of frightening darkness.

Based on this rule, we can be sure, without any fear of error, that the central sun Sirius is double. Its companion is a gigantic, tenebrous world. The cosmic forces which rule the superior dimensions come to Earth from Sirius, nicknamed “The Dog Star” by astronomers; how ever, from its tenebrous companion, nicknamed ‘Pup,” we receive the forces which govern the infernos.

Our galaxy is gigantic, marvelous, and formidable. It is about 100,000 light years in diameter and about 10,000 light years thick. The sun which warms us and gives us life, our beloved sun, source of all life, is located approximately 30,000 light years from the center, i.e. two thirds of the distance from the center of the galaxy to the perimeter. It appears to be near the interior ring of a spiral arm, near a group of very weak and distant stars, and near another group, which is closer to the center.

There exist millions of galaxies in infinite space, an estimated 2,000,000,000 in an area of 250,000,000 light years, an astonishing distance with no sign of an end. The situation of our solar system is, without any doubt or exaggeration, analogous to that of a blood cell within the human body. We can verify under a microscope that a white blood cell is also composed of  a nucleus or sun and its cytoplasm or sphere of influence. It is also surrounded on all sides by millions of similar cells or systems. Together, all these cells form the whole, a great being, whose nature is surely inconceivable to an individual cell. The Milky Way is a living organism which was born of water and fire in the Ninth Sphere. Those who suppose that the galaxies, including the Milky Way, had their origin in an explosion of some primitive atom are mistaken.

There is an esoteric maxim which says, “As above, so below.” If this small microcosmic galaxy called man had its origin in the Ninth Sphere, in sex, we can deduce logically, without fear of deception that we must look for the origin of our galaxies and all other galaxies in the Ninth Sphere, in sex.

The Temple of Wisdom is found in the Ninth Sphere; the Temple of Wisdom is to be found in the phallus and the uterus. It is impossible to experience the truth concerning the origin of the galaxies if we do not enter the Ninth Sphere (sex). The Word fertilizes the waters of chaos in a sexual marriage at the dawn of life. Thus are galaxies and worlds born. The sexual fire of Kundalini always fertilizes the womb of the Great Mother. “In the beginning was the Word…”

Buddha´s Necklace, V.M. Samael Aun Weor