A Trascendental Study
of mankind, their history, and the purpose of their existence
eternal and universal
present in the most ancient cultures
of the divine beauty
personal, direct and transformative
science and culture of man towards finding the Self
Self-Knowledge Courses
For free. For everyone.
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What is Gnosis?

Gnosis derives from the ancient Greek γνῶσις (gnôsis) which means knowledge. It encompasses the wisdom of everything that exists within the infinite cosmos. The knowledge of the great mysteries, including ourselves, is the Gnostic way.

Gnosis provides answers to timeless questions such who am I?, what happens after death? The purpose of life is the union with God, whose many names are Brahman, Jehovah, Universal Force, Azur-Mazda, Tetragrammaton, among others. 

The kingdom of God is in you and around you. Cut a piece of wood and there I will be, pick up a stone and you will find me. -Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

Doesn’t life have a purpose beyond meeting our daily obligations? Is it possible to break free from our struggle against reality? Humankind is bound to wheel of permanent dissatisfaction and suffering. How uncertain life is! How insecure is our existence on this earthly plane besieged by all kinds of fears! How much grief comes with worldly life! We are born, we grow, we live, and we disappear from the scene without achieving the knowledge of the deep inner Being.

It is true that we all must work to exist: food costs money, our suit costs money, we must pay rent. Thus, money is necessary, but why do we have to live? What do we live for? It seems to me that to live with our consciousness, like this, asleep without knowing the very meaning of our existence is absurd a hundred percent. – V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Gnosis teaches the truths enclosed in each person and the techniques to experience the Self. Through introspection, meditation and the intelligent use of our creative energy, we can experience our Inner Being and awaken within us our hidden senses.

Gnosis intends for every man to possess a vast and lucid spirit. A spirit that seeks to establish a new rational and scientific order on our overall way of living. That is, a way of living inspired by the immutable laws of nature. V.M. Samael Aun Weor